Bamboo Farm and Bamboo Nursery located in Central
Florida. Bamboo for sale throughout the United States.

About Dunroven Farm Bamboo Nursery

From a Horse Pasture to a Bamboo Farm and Nursery...

bamboo nursery and farm in florida Bill and Ellen King and Dunroven Farms Bamboo Nursery.

Bill & Ellen King moved to the horse and cattle ranch lands of Central Florida in 1996 to nurture their love for nature and the great outdoors. Soon, their interest in all things Bamboo led them to begin the conversion of Dunroven Farm from a horse pasture to the present-day Central Florida bamboo and plant nursery.

Their interest in and love of these fast growing grasses and the quest for knowledge of their culture and propagation has led us to presently grow and sell over 100 varieties of bamboo throughout Central Florida and the entire U.S.. In their collection, Bill and Ellen King have both tropical clumping and temperate running bamboos suited for Central Florida and the Southeastern United States.

All of the varieties of plants and bamboo in Dunroven Farm Bamboo Nursery have been grown under care from specimens collected from across the Southeastern United States.  They offer for sale only those Bamboo Varieties that have done well for them and should, in turn, do well for you.

Through commitment, experience, and expertise, Dunroven Farm Bamboo Nursery has established relationships with customers that will last a lifetime!